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A software engineer with a passion for crafting innovative digital solutions that make a real impact. With a solid background in computer engineering, I've had the privilege of wearing many hats throughout my career journey.

What I do now

Presently I'm a backend engineer at a startup company responsible on optimizing its serivces. Also currently taking a leap of faith on transitioning into data space, to be a data scientist.

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Backend Engineer
Mar 2024 - Present
Took charge of the backend infrastructure, restructuring and optimizing it to ensure scalability and enhance the development experience.
Conducted a comprehensive rewrite of the entire backend codebase to address scalability issues and improve maintainability.
Overhauled the database structure to accommodate future growth and improve performance. The reconstruction was necessary to facilitate efficient data storage, retrieval, and management, ensuring seamless operations as the platform scales.
Utilized a modern tech stack including Express.js, Prisma, PostgreSQL, TypeScript and such to develop the backend codebase. Leveraged these technologies to create a robust, efficient, and maintainable backend system that meets the requirements of the project.
Computer Engineering Professor
Aug 2023 - Present
Instructed undergraduate courses in Computer Engineering, specializing in pivotal subjects such as JavaScript for Web Development, Python for Data Visualization, and Data Analysis and Analytics for Data Science.
Employed a comprehensive educational approach to equip students with a versatile skill set in these essential programming languages.
Provided dedicated mentorship and guidance to students, fostering intellectual growth and supporting research endeavors and actively engaged in facilitating career development, contributing to the holistic professional journeys of students.
Integrated cutting-edge technologies into coursework, guiding students on the incorporation of OpenAI and Gemini in their projects and demonstrated practical implementation with Django as the backend and React.js & Next.js (TypeScript) as the frontend, enhancing their proficiency in real-world application development.
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BS in Computer EngineeringHoly Angel University, Philippines
Apr 2020
TOP 2 Impact 2050 Hackathon Pampanga and TOP 3 START Hackathon: Innovative Solutions Towards Smart and Creative Communities
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